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Actor's Headshots

I rarely meet an actor who says they look forward to getting headshots.   Yet when the session is over, I am constantly told how easy it was.   It is my goal, first and foremost, that you get your best shot – the best you possible.   But in doing so, you leave here feeling the session was a collaborative and enjoyable process.

rates             2-3 looks    $325 for adults,  $275 for youth under age 18                   
                        add’l looks    $ 50 per look    
                        cash, check, or paypal accepted

includes        Personal password protected online viewing site     
                      Download link allowing you to download all high resolution, printable images


the session     
With each look, we will upload the images onto the computer for you to view and make sure that you love what you see.  Women please allow 2-3 hours if you are doing your own styling and 3-4 hours if you use a professional stylist.  Men should allow 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Knowing your market is key to having a headshot that works for you.  If you are unsure of what your market is, I recommend getting input from an agent, manager or acting coach, but I am available to assist as well.  Your image depends greatly on a combination of clothing, styling, body language, attitude and expression, and we will work together to most effectively capture that image.

Keep it simple.  Stay away from busy patterns and logos.  Solid colors and textures work best.  The clothing should support the image that you are going for, but should not be the focus of the photo.  Wear colors that are flattering to you – complimenting your eyes, skin tones and hair.  It is not always necessary to wear bright colors, and in fact subtler colors sometimes work better to bring attention to the eyes.  All of that being said, I have certainly been known to break my own rules.  If you have something that you love that strays from the above – bring it.  I’m always open to seeing what you bring to the session.


hair and makeup
Hair and Makeup is optional.  You may do it yourself, bring someone you know and trust to do it for you, or hire one of my stylists.  My stylists do both hair and makeup and stay for the entire session.  Average rates are $150.

after the session
You own your photos.  A download link containing large resolution, printable files will be provided to you, so you do not have to go through me to order prints.  I will give you a list of labs that I recommend for printing and duplicating your photos.

Retouching is available at an hourly rate and typically runs $25/image for basic retouching.


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