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Erin Clendenin

I love faces.  All kinds of faces. So much so that it's been known to get me into get me into trouble.  I'll find myself studying a stranger's face -- fascinated by the things that make it unique.  Or observing how light accentuates certain features or planes of the face -- only to get caught staring at them.


Every face has a story to tell, and I love creating images that help tell that story.


While I've photographed a wide variety of subjects for over 20 years -- I focus my business on what I do best -- photographing people -- and getting the best 'you' possible.  

Whether you are an actor, performer -- business professional or family -- I'll get you a great shot in an environment of comfort and creativity.


Located in Burbank, I am available to shoot in my studio or on location.  I work with natural or studio light -- whatever it takes to get what you need.

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